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Awesome, you made it!  First I want to thank you for making it to my site!  You took the time and effort to check this out further and that’s greatly appreciated.

This site has a dual purpose.  1). There is a blog that’s there for your information and entertainment.  It reveals a 14 year span of the medical issues I’ve experienced and, 2). there is a selection of cancer cards, “Looking On The Bright Side”.  As the days go by, more items will be added, i.e. mini-books on my cancer experiences.  The cards try to help support and lift the spirits of someone with breast cancer and some are even appropriate for any kind of cancer. blog button

Over the last 14 years, I’ve continued to meet each experience with a positive attitude and look forward to the rest of my life.  Now, I’m just an old woman trying to renew and reach the good life.  Somehow the “good life” has eluded us for several years.  In fact, life has kind of kicked us in the behind with breast cancer, COPD, kidney disease, mini-strokes, falling down, double knee replacement, congestive heart failure and diabetes type II.  But, I say “never give up”!

I’ve been on disability for a little over 3 years and what Social Security pays doesn’t nearly cover all of our expenses.  One thing that continues to make it difficult is my physical condition.  Medical, medical, medical bills.  Yuck!  Oh, how I long for the days when I could walk fast, lift heavy objects and entertain.  It is my opinion that this blog and “Looking On The Bright Side” will restore my ability to entertain.  Much to my dismay, my walking fast and carrying heavy objects days are over.  The blog will give you insight to all my medical issues mixed with present-day experiences.

Though I don’t have the stamina to maintain a “regular” job, I decided to create one for myself.  I can write!  And, “Looking On The Bright Side” has given me an avenue to create something that isn’t out there.  I’ve known several people with breast cancer that I wanted to life up.  But, the only cancer cards I found were more like Get Well (really????) or Sympathy cards (oh, pleaassee. . . .)

I hope you become a regular reader of the blog.  Any assistance you can give by donating a small amount, buying a “Looking On The Bright Side” product, or both, will be greatly appreciated.

WIW (Old Woman In The Web – pronounced Wee-Wah)


Cards for Cancer Patients

This is what I’m asking of you.

1. Please, Donate whatever you can.

2. Take a look at our creation called
"Looking On The Bright Side" - if you know someone with cancer - order a card or mini-book for them!

The only way this project can make it is with your help. I am asking you to copy and send the email attached to as many of people in your email address book as possible. Please act urgently and do this within the first 2-3 days after you receive this.

The ultimate success is that this email project will go viral. We ask that everyone who reads this to buy a card or two, or a mini-book, or just donate. Please send this request to your email list and say a little prayer asking God to give this project wings.

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